Kathleen Gabriel - the writer--not the singer, not the politician
I'm the author of The Kansas Connection, formerly published by Aardvaark Creative Publishing in UK as Schiller's Road. It's available as both a trade paperback and download.
I had two other novels published under a pseudonym.
My short story, "Sonia" won an editors' choice award in the February 2011 issue of LineZero, a literary journal that includes artwork and essays on artistic topics as well as fiction and poetry. I have retained the rights to the story, and am keeping my eyes open for a market to sell it again.
In July 2010 I had flash fiction published in the 6S anthology, Mind Games. Every story in the anthology is entitled, "Mind Games." 
In October 2010 a story of mine and a photo by my husband were published in a literary journal, "Fall Into Story."  The journal is a project of SnoValley Writes!, a writing group started in 2008 by Casondra Brewster.
Two of my flash fiction pieces are on the-phone-book.com, a UK-based project. 
I'm now finishing up my NaNoWriMo novel of 2010. I won again this year, but there is still a lot of story to tell. When the first draft is complete, I'll go back to revising Adjusting the Shade, a humorous novel that features a pair of chiropractors and a ghost. Other projects in the works include Her Thirty Percent and Johnny Angel's Halo. 
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